President's Message

I am thankful to all my colleagues for making ACT a huge realization. Decades before, it was a dream and now it turned to a reality. The only witness and beneficiaries are all of you people. We never compromise with our vision, mission and some values on which we rely. We believe in commitment, loyalty, leadership, hard work. The management and the employees together made the ACT to be proud of. The appreciation from the existing customers is the best reward we can get and the best asset for the future growth. ACT wants to be different in the field through the services, we render .All the members of the ACT family are same and will be treated by the management with equal rights. We are also concerned about the safety and health of each and every member. We are trying to implement certain well efficient and effective policies to look after both, as they make the soul of ACT.

We welcome creative ideas from all the ACT members.  Next dream of ACT is to achieve some world famous international standards. Like the corporate dream being realized, this will also be true only if we all take our part together. I hope ACT will definitely be achieving it in the near future. ACT can never go backwards, as I trust in the member’s skill. The journey from 1983 to present day was full of challenges and we were able to meet all those timely and will be doing that for the future also. 

Thank you

Hassan Mohammed Al-Naimi

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Head Office

P.O.Box 11506 Tareeq -118 Jubail Industrial City 31961 Saudi Arabia
Telno : 966 13 3416125 / 3416194 / 3416107
Faxno : 966 13 3416028

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